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Perhaps flowers really
intend to last forever

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Anonymous asked:
Thank you for your poetry poster project! I very much enjoy reading the poems around the Duboce neighborhood. Please keep writing!

Thank you for writing to me, glad to know that it’s reaching people :) <3

the little boy looked at the moon rise over the city
he grabbed his mother’s hand and asked her
"What is the moon trying to sell?"
and the little boy’s mother
just gripped his hand tighter
and walked a little faster.

not all kisses can be
measured the same
some kisses are truer
than any sentence
more profound than
any landscape more
meaningful than any
thing you once thought

sometimes you
only give your time
but receive back
love and happiness

always in the rich

you can see them
going through the garbage
collecting cans beside
the Ferraris and the Porsches
and the 35 dollar cheeseburgers
with grated truffles upon them

the created poor

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connjah asked:
i am really shaken by your flow and diction. everyday i look forward to reading your work, makes my heart soul dance. i've thought about reaching out to you and asking if i could print out some of your poems and hang them around Chicago on telephone and light poles, obviously recognizing you either by your name or tumblr name? let me know your thoughts!

O please do! I really appreciate all messages although I rarely make them public … I would love any help in getting poetry out in the city streets in place of advertising for things we don’t need… I feel like we as artist should wage war against enemies of beauty like slave wages and rampant materialism … Thank you for reading

success in a relationship
is not a quickie before work

its a 15 minute cuddle session
whenever you want it wherever
you want it

sitting down today
with the boy i used to be

we saw a butterfly and
the boy said to it

have a nice day mr butterfly

even though i was silent
i wished the butterfly would
have a good day too

don’t worry
he said to him

his face covered
in tears

i will never
abandon you

i know you know
that i love you

but that does
not stop me from
reminding you

Of all the people on this
subway, your eyes are pure
with mists and depths.

Of all the people on this
subway, your body would
fit perfectly in mine in love.

Of all the people on this
subway, I am bound to
you by an invisible tie.

Of all the people on this
subway, I am already yours,
please, speak to me.

when I see him
I almost forget
the fear of pain
or suffering.

(love at first sight)

I want to get away
to a foreign place
I’ve never been
to sit by a fountain
and watch a musician
I’ve never heard

he said to me
surrounded by
redwoods, little
birds, bright green
leaves of such intricate
complexity as various
as the accents of beauty
on the body of adonis

we don’t contain life
life contains us