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I found myself
in love with you
and now I cant
even find the darkness

in the night.

so what
if the poet
is destroyed
by the visions
he can no longer
describe? at least
he’s had them!
let those be driven
mad that
seek to know
all forms of love,
to suffer because of the search
to understand one’s own soul.
These poets have
it all, richer than
any man, the supreme
scientist, the explorer
of the unknown,
the madman
who sits in the
gardens, cultivating
his own soul like a flower.

who cut off the moon’s
and left us only this flower
that floats
in black water?

I see myself reflected in the sunset
and my mind is infected with rainbows
and a swarm of people wander
blissfully through my heart.

and he did not let them know
as if he was embarrassed
of that beautiful shining pearl
he held in between his breast
they always looked to one another
as if searching for a special shining something
and he did not want to let them know
he did not want to give his love away
he had worked so hard and suffered
so much and gone through so much pain

way up in the sky
there is a lingering sadness
the light of the sun
makes the whole world turn blue

eons and eternities

like a wiseman in
ancient villages unveiling
the written word

the modern poet in
times of ‘progress’ but really
in times of soul compromising
heart crushing and overall life
without vibrancy


the hispanic worker
who is the head chef

sheepishly peeks thru
the fine japanese blinds
to look at his busseling
japanese restaurant

very careful
not to be noticed

the man whom everyone
thinks is crazy and maybe
dangerous but is probably
just lonely who says, hi, to
anyone who passes by

and the in the last ten years
prevalence of headphones
and ipods

that old man who
used to sit and smile

and make change for
people using the subway
during rush hour traffic
during furrows frowns
during fast paced walking
down turned eyes and
the dominance of time
and the mind

that new change

that Mann character
moment seeing his Tadzio
getting off the train passing
you for a moment making
eye contact and then
moving on moment

the poets really do
have something over
the rest of society

they understand

the 89 year old man
who went through the
Nicaraguan contras who
lost his partner in the 80s
and has had night terrors
every night since said to me
after offing his condolences
for a best friend who had
passed away, you must
be strong in this world.

you got cookie
crumbs on your lips

he said to me

using his fingertips
to brush them off
with a little barely
audible giggle

the often overlooked
reason for why we live

the finding out