Hi my name is Matthew Rodgers, i write poems on here, i live in San Francisco, am 26 years old. I have written over 3000 poems so far and i mostly make them available here. tumblr is my main outlet for poetry and i try to write a few times a day. I'm an MFA candidate for Poetry at the new school university in nyc. My poems have appeared in numerous publications, namely the christian science monitor, the tribeca poetry review and the nation, among others. Please feel free to send me any questions or comments, i love to read them, (but note that i don't like doing critiques.) sincerely Find me in the city! I try to make San Francisco my living landscape, you can see me forcing poetry on unsuspecting bystanders in the form of posters on poles where little pockets of poetry serve to infect your life with little snippets of beauty. happymonk
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Pride Happymonk <3 -------------------------------

the american poetry scene
a desert landscape
and a tumble weed

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